How to Use VPN On Netflix? – How To Get the Right Netflix VPN?

The times have gone when we used to schedule our shows by sitting in front of a TV screen. When we waited hours for a repeat telecast to catch up on a missed show. We have Netflix now! You can watch Netflix by easily having a Netflix Subscription. But, things can go south sometimes and you might not have access to every content on Netflix. For that, you will need a VPN and you must know how to use a VPN on Netflix!

How to Use VPN On Netflix?

How a VPN works actually, it changes your current region, imitating to be sitting in a different region by simply changing your IP Address. The content on Netflix is categorized according to regions. You can watch “The Walking Dead” while sitting in the US, but not in the UK. Every region has its own library of TV Shows and Movies. Your friend from China might not have the access to a show which you have.

Short on Time? Here’s a Short Summary of How to Use VPN On Netflix.

You can easily use a VPN to connect to your preferred region to access a large number of content available on Netflix. You just have to download a VPN app from your store and install it. Launch your app, select a region that you want, minimize the VPN app and launch Netflix app. You can now access movies and TV shows from different regions!

How to Use VPN On Netflix?

You can easily access unlimited content on Netflix by using a VPN. All you have to do is download a trusted VPN (We recommend ExpressVPN). Once the app is downloaded, install it on your device. Launch the app, enter your username and password, select a country you prefer, and voila! you are now connected to a VPN server. Access anything you want on Netflix!

How To Set Up a VPN

Of course, there is more to it. There are many questions that can arise in someone’s mind. Some of them would be how to change your Netflix region with a VPN on multiple devices, or is it necessary to only use a paid VPN, or how and in which region should I set my VPN location to make the most of my VPN subscription? Well, every concern of yours is our concern too. You’ll find everything in this guide from which you can make a firm decision on your Netflix streaming needs!

How to Use VPN On Netflix in iOS?

VPN in iOS

  • Navigate to the App Store and search for VPN (You should have a subscription plan)
  • Download it, and then install it.
  • Launch the app.
  • Use the Quick Connect option to connect to a default server or choose a server by setting a location you prefer. Or if you want, you can manually set up a VPN on your device.
  • Minimize the VPN app.
  • Launch Netflix (You must have a Netflix subscription).
  • Log in with your credentials and enjoy movie night!

How to Use VPN On Netflix in Android?

VPN in Android

  • Go to Google Play Store, open it, and search for VPN (You should have a subscription plan)
  • Download the app and install it.
  • Launch the app when installation is finished.
  • You can use the Connect option to connect the fastest server available or you can choose a location you prefer.
  • Minimize the VPN app.
  • Launch Netflix app.
  • Log in with your credentials and you can now access the geo-restricted content which you couldn’t access before.

How to Use VPN On Netflix on a TV?


Most probably, you’ll be using a TV with Android as its operating system. If not, then you should know how to set up a VPN on different devices and operating systems. For Android OS, you’ll need to,

  • Download and Install a VPN app from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app.
  • Connect to a location by setting up or just connect with a default location.
  • Go to your Netflix app, it should be working now.

How to Choose the Right VPN to Use For Netflix?

Before choosing a subscription plan for any VPN service, one question would arise in anyone’s mind, “am I choosing the right VPN service for myself?“. Well, it’s universal. There are factors you need to consider before choosing a VPN service. The basic purpose of a VPN is what? Security right? But there are other things to consider too, discussing them,

No Logs Policy

No Log Activity tracking

A VPN service should have a clear policy to not have log files and not track any activity of the user. Log files can are information, information about the user which has value. They are used by companies for improving marketing strategies. So make sure your VPN provider has a transparent policy of no tracking of user activities.

Strong Encryption Method

Strong Encryption

A good VPN service should have high-end encryption installed in its program. Most of the VPNs use the AES 256-bit encryption method, which is secure and provides an extra layer of security to user data.

High Speed

Blazing Speed VPN

It can get a little annoying seeing that throbber circle all day right? To make sure your streaming doesn’t get disturbed, you should go for a VPN service that doesn’t throttle. Make sure you conduct handsome research on speed tests of VPN.

No Ads Policy

Block Ads and Pop ups

There should be no room for annoying pop-ups and ads which may contain inappropriate content. Choose a plan which has perfectly described that no ads would be used in your overall subscription of a VPN.

How to Use a Free VPN For Netflix? (Is It A Good Practice or Not?)

There are lots of free VPNs available in stores on your respective devices. You can easily download and install a VPN app, launch it, and access your Netflix. But, there are multiple reasons as to why you should not use a free VPN and go for a reputable paid VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark.

Limited Usage

Limited Usage VPN

If you are using a free VPN, it is most likely that you are limited to using their service. Whether it be content or duration of using a VPN. Free VPNs have time durations, meaning you can only use their service for a couple of hours and you’ll automatically get disconnected after that (sometimes without warning – exposing your IP Address).

Reduced Speed

VPN Slow Speed

Free VPNs can reduce your browsing speed. As your IP Address is bouncing from one server to another, making it a long process. Your IP Address is transformed after it reaches the VPN server. And if the VPN server is distant, it will further decrease your speed. The connection has to travel some distance and then travel back to its destination. Make sure to go for paid VPN which can guarantee high speed.

No Anonymity

No Anonymity

Ever wondered if your VPN is free, then how come they are earning from their service? They earn their share by selling your online activity to third parties for marketing strategies and user behavior analysis. Eventually, your online privacy and anonymity are compromised. To avoid this, get a subscription to a VPN that has clear policies of log activities.

What Should I Do If I Still Can’t Access Netflix?

If you have tried accessing your Netflix with a bunch of different servers but still can’t seem to get through the error code. There might be a reason for it. Try these easy practices,

Cache Clear

Clear Cache

Go to your browser and clear all the cache and cookies stored. Maybe you have visited a geo-restricted website without a VPN before and with that, the website had stored a cookie in your browser. Which is simply not allowing you to enter. This can be the reason that you are not getting access to your Netflix with a VPN. By clearing all cookies and cache, you might be able to crack the problem.

Reconnect with a Different Server

Set VPN Location

It is possible that the VPN server from which you are trying to access was blocked previously by Netflix. To avoid this, connect your VPN to a different server and then access your Netflix account.

Contact Your VPN Provider

Contact VPN Provider

Netflix is a distinguished platform that works tirelessly to improve its algorithms for detecting fake IP Addresses with the means of a VPN. If a situation arises in which you are not able to access Netflix, try contacting your VPN provider and ask for a server that hundred percent works. There is always a server that works!

How to Stream Netflix without a VPN?

It is possible to change your IP Address and access Netflix in some other way if you don’t want to use a VPN. You can go for a proxy server to change your IP Address. However, proxy servers are not an efficient tool for online privacy. It does not encrypt data, so you have to keep in mind that you are not secure. But if online security means everything to you, then you should go for a VPN service to access Netflix of a different region.

Which Region has the Highest Amount of Content On Netflix?

So far, United States has the highest number of content available in its Netflix library. It currently has 5,852 titles, including 4091 movies and 1761 TV Shows, according to Finder (a third-party statistics website). It is likely that a show that you can’t find on your region’s Netflix library, you’ll find it by connecting to a US server.

Other Countries with Largest Netflix Libraries

Other than the US, there are other countries like Japan with 5,634 titles (with 4,326 movies and 1,308 TV Shows), Canada with 5,730 titles, the UK with 5,673 titles, and Australia with 5,349 titles. All these numbers are based on a third-party statistics website.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

No, it is not. You are not pirating a movie by torrenting it. You are just having access to your provider’s international catalog. That is not illegal in any way.

Netflix has agreements with shows. They can’t air shows in regions for which they don’t have the rights. This is the reason Netflix bans VPN services, to stick to the agreement.

You can have the cheapest Netflix subscription if you are residing in Argentina, with a basic cost of ARS 279 per month. It has a total library of 4855 content on Netflix.

The Basic Plan is good for you if you are alone and you want it just for yourself to stream Netflix on your mobile phone. If you want to share it with someone else, go for the Standard Plan.

The Netflix Kids Experience is available in your subscription. You can set a pin for your little one and restrict content which you don’t want kids to see.


To access unlimited content on Netflix with the means of a VPN service is not difficult. However, Netflix is continuously working to ban VPN services, so it is likely that the server you constantly use might not work after some time. But if you go for a good VPN provider, there should be no major barriers that you would stumble on to. You just have to make sure that you know all the insights to how to use a VPN on Netflix!